The Honor Gard™ system keeps your honest employees honest by virtually removing temptation, there is no chance of coins or dollars being lost or dropped by accident.

The Honor Gard™ system will give you free security, route accounting and operational procedures consultation.

The Honor Gard™ system eliminates the incentives for employees to sell their merchandise through your vending machines.

The Honor Gard™ system limits the number of employees having direct access to your companies cash.

The Honor Gard™ system, according to nation wide averages has been proven to put 4 percent sales directly on your bottom line. Some customers trying Honor Gard™ on a troublesome route have experienced up to a 50 percent increase in collection.

The Honor Gard™ system is virtually free, it will pay for itself.

The Honor Gard™ system is time route and location tested. It is safe, inexpensive simple to install and operate.

The Honor Gard™ system is the best engineered and manufactured device of its kind on the market today.