Honor Gardâ„¢ Coin Security System replaces the open topped cash box with a patented self-locking cordura bag. Traditionally, the coin box is removed and the employee empties the coins into his hands and then into a bank bag. The open topped box is then replaced into the vendor underneath the coin changer.

The Honor Gardâ„¢ Coin Security System uses an adapter bracket to attach to the machine underneath the coin changer. The black nylon plastic housing accepts coins from the coin changer through the adapter bracket and the coins are deposited into the bag. When the collection person arrives at the machine, he inserts the route lock key into the route lock and rotates it 90 degrees. This allows the bag to disengage from the system. As the bag rotates, it locks. Simply remove the full bag and replace it with an empty one. Once the empty bag has been replaced the route key can be rotated back 90 degrees and removed from the route lock.


Once the full bag arrives at the counting room, it is checked in by route and by machine number located on the route card located in the pocket on the bottom of the bag. The special sized high security Fort Lock key is used to open the lock located in the head of the bag. The entire Lexan head is removed allowing the coins to easily pour into a coin counting machine. The Compx National KeSet route lock is recodable up to 64 different combinations. This allows different route people to have different keys to remove the bag. This eliminates multiple employees having access to the money in any one machine.