Honor Gard™ Coin Security System replaces the open topped cash box with a patented self-locking cordura bag. When the collection person arrives at the machine, he inserts the Compx National route key into the Compx National route lock and rotates it 90 degrees. As the bag disengages, it locks. Simply remove the full bag and replace it with an empty one. Once the empty bag has been replaced the route key can be rotated back 90 degrees and removed from the route lock. The full bag is transported to the coin counting room. The special sized Compx Fort Lock key is used to open the Compx Fort Lock is the head of the bag. The entire head is removed allowing coins to be easily poured into a coin counter.

The Honor Gard™ Dollar Bill Security System was designed with the same philosophy as the Coin Security System. The Honor Gard™ Dollar Bill Security System replaces the Dollar bill stacker with a black nylon plastic collector. A housing is mounted onto the Dollar bill validator. The housing contains the Compx National Route lock recodable up to 64 combinations. Once the collection person rotates the key 180 degrees, the collector locks and is ready to be replaced with an empty one. When the empty collector is replaced, the Compx National route key is used to lock it into place. It is now ready to accept bills.

The Honor Gard™ Coin Security System was born in the Vending and Bottling industries and has grown into the Bottled Water, Casino, Air and Vacuum, Parking, Mass Transit and Copier industries. It is easily adapted to any coin operated industry. Honor Gard™ holds 3 U.S. patents as well as 15 foreign patents worldwide.