Honor Gard™ Systems was purchased in 1975 by its present owner, Jerry Remien. Subsequent to this acquisition , a number of innovations have been made to improve the Honor Gard™ product as well as the system as a whole. Being a vending operator, Mr. Remien was faced with a common industry problem, shrinking profit margins caused by:

  • Decrease of customer base due to automation and labor intensive industries moving overseas.
  • Erosion of profit margins by unprecedented inflation.
  • Emerging office coffee operators further diluted the tradition vending customer base.

The above conditions were uncontrollable. Mr. Remien knew he had to implement stronger controls to protect his bottom line. Recognizing the obvious benefits and potential of Honor Gard™ was the underlying reason he purchased the company. By integrating Honor Gard™ with existing controls he stopped mysterious disappearances of cash in his own organization.

For the past decade the Honor Gard™ has been used, meticulously improved upon and through research and development emerged as the uniquely successful product it is today. There is no other system that rivals it on the market.

Honor Gard™ Systems has grown into a company which has spread to service vending machine operators world wide. With over half a million units now in use, Honor Gard™ Systems growth has been staggering. This growth has been 98 percent internal, all of the business has been acquired through the company's direct sales efforts and its ability to maintain a favorable relationship with its customers. Honor Gard™ Systems does this by providing the latest state of the art systems and services in the market.

Our clientele vary from privately owned and operated businesses to publicly held companies. The Honor Gard™ systems are easily adaptable to virtually all machine makes and models.