KeSet Systems

Have you had lost or stolen keys? A new route person? Do you want to move equipment and change combination. With the 64 combination change feature you can do it. No parts needed. That's internal protection.

The KeSet family of locks with its unique combination change feature provides you with external protection and internal security. In appearance, KeSet is similar to tubular key locks, however, the internal design is quite different. KeSet tumblers and driving pins are arranged in a manner to defeat picking and manipulation. In addition steel cylinders are hardened plugs resist punching, drilling and vandalism, Cam locks use hardened steel collars for further protection. That's external protection.

Exclusive and Registered Key control. For your protection all keys are assigned on an exclusive basis and are factory registered by means of confidential signature cards. All keys are shipped separately form the locks. We do not supply or sell key blanks for duplication.